Disney Wish Cruise – Insiders Guide to Disney’s New Cruise Ship


Disney Cruise Line launced their newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish.  Here’s what you are going to love on a Disney Wish Cruise!

Disney Cruise Line recently launced their fifth cruise ship, the Disney Wish.  If it’s not already obvious, I love Disney Cruise Line and the Disney Wish is my favorite ship.  I do really enjot the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic, the first two and smaller class ships, but there are many things I think Disney Cruise Line did right with the Disney Wish.

First of all the Disney Wish Cruise Ship allowed Disney Imagineers time to take everything they loved or needed improvement and start with a fresh canvas when creating the Disney Wish.  So if a lounge was super popular on the previous ships, Imagineers now could make an additional lounge or make the current lounge bigger on the new Disney Wish.  If you wanted more USB outlets in your stateroom they added them.   From small touches to brand new deck layouts, Disney took all the feedback from their first four cruise ships and made all those improvements with the Disney Wish.



Disney Wish Cruise Lobby 2



The Disney Wish Cruise – What’s it like?

Again, the Disney Wish is one of Disney Cruise Lines larger ships wtih 4,000 passangers.  This is not as big a say a Royal Caribbean Voyager Cruise Ship.  And I think this size is a nice size for a cruise ship.  I did not feel crowded on my Disney Wish Cruise and I was not waiting in lines or frantiquely checking the App to book a show or dining.  The passangers and ship size is a nice mix.

The Disney Wish also does a really nice job of making small intiment spaces.  There are lounges dotted all over the different decks and small areas to hang out.  Yes there is a large main Walt Disney Theather, but you can actually get a seat for the shows without having to worry or book a seat months in advance.  I really like the layout and how Disney made so many smaller areas on the Disney Wish.

So right now the Disney Wish is doing three  and four night cruises from Port Canaveral to Nassau, Bahamas, and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island).  This is also nice because most cruise line use their older ships that are out dated for their 3-4 night quick sailings.  With a Disney Wish Cruise you are getting a new Disney Ship and a great cruise price on a 3-4 night cruise vacation.


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The Disney Wish Cruise Lobby



Disney Wish Restaurants 

One thing I also love on Disney Cruises and they do this on your Disney Wish Cruise also, is your wait staff is with you for dining the entire cruise.  This means you get to know your.wait staff, they learn your names, they know what you like and don’t like, they bring out your drink selection every night because they know it’s what you want.  This is one of the best parts about cruising.  But Disney did not want you, the guest, to have to eat in the same dining restaurant every night.  So they came up with amazing dining room, more like dining experiences, and you dine at a different location for dinner each night, and your wait staff moves with you.

Depending on the length of your cruise you might eat at the same restraunt for dinner once on a 7 night cruise.  The Disney Cruise Line App will keep you on track and also your stateroom key has a code written on it that lets you easily figure out your dining location each night.

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

This dining experience is adorable.  This is literally a Dinner Show.  The show to celebrate the royal engagement of Queen Anna and Kristoff from Frozen . Now the food has more fish and Norway flare than your standard Cruise Main Dining Hall.  But the dinner selections are on point for the overall experience.  My entire family enjoyed this night at dinner and my kids dressed up like their favorite characters from frozen.  Even the hallway to dinner has perfect photo spots along the way to make magical memories.

Insider Tip:  If you are booking Palo, or one of the Specality Dining Restraunts, you will miss your standard dinning restraunt that night.  So if you really want to see Arendelle, just make sure you book your adult only Palo dinner on a different night.

Worlds of Marvel Dining Experience

If your kids are into Ant Man and the Wasp, the Avengers: Quantum Encounter,  is also a dinner show of sorts.  I am not a big Marvel Fan, so this was my least favorite dinner expereince.  There are movie clips playing during dinner, there is a plot that builds as dinner goes along and your table has to do some interaction during the meal to help save the world.  Kids at the other tables were into it, so I think it’s an interesting dinner, but it’s just not my favorite.  The service was fantastic and so was the food.


This is off the main lobby and there are two sides, teh Walt and the Roy side.  You get assigned a side and it really does not matter, it’s just a way to break a restraunt that would be large into a nicer more elegant space.  The art deco decor is covered with old Disney artwork, animation, models and cells and items from Roy and Walt Disney.  This dinner is not about a dinner show, it’s about a great meal and great service.


 Event Spaces

There are two main areas that I would call event spaces of sorts.  The first is Luna Entertainment Hub.  This is simular to the D Lounge on the other Disney ships.  This space is used mostly for family showss and game shows.  There is a two story LED wall and also triva is done in this space.   

The other informal event space is the main lobby or Grand Hall.  This is the main area you walk into when you first board the Disneyy Wish.  New to this Grand Hall is a stage and more dedicated areas for characters.  This Grand Hall is also larger than on the other Disney Wonder and Disney Magic Cruise Ships.



Disney Wish Adult Pool


Adult Areas on the Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line is definatly for families but the Disney Wish does have adult only spaces. On other Disney ships you find yourself coming off an evevator and then having to parade your kids through the adult only pool areas, but on the Disney Wish they have moved the adult only areas to more private locations, so families don’t find themselves trapped and having to walk quickly through these adult spaces.

I have two favorite lounges on the Disney Wish.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge  – If you are a Star Wars Fan you are going to want to have a drink in the Hyperspace Lounge.  This is a sall space which makes it a great place to esacpe to.  But it also means you are going to need a reservation to go in, because it’s popular.  I have gone in with my kids and also later in the day when kids are not allowed.  They do have non alcholic drinks that are reasonabily priced.  The lounge is fun, but more upscale than if you have been to Oga’s Cantina on Batue (Disney Hollywood Studios).  I feel like Oga’s themeing is much better than what they did with the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, but you do really need to experience it at least one time on your cruise.

The Quiet Cove  – This is Disney Cruise Lines Adult only pool area.  The Coffee Shop is also located in this area as well as an infinaty pool that looks over the back of the ship.  Like the name, the Quite Cove is kids free and has lots of places to sit, relax, get some sun, our lounge by the pool.  On the other Disney ships the adult area is located where families sometimes need to walk thorugh that area to get to the main pool area.  Disney solved this problem on the Disney Wish by moving this adult only area to the rear, Aft section on the Disney Wish.

Palo – This extra up charge restraunt is also Adult Only.  Almost everyone on Disney Cruise Line is included in the cruise fare so and unlike other cruise lines where I feel the food is not great in the main dining rooms and you are forced to pay extra to dine in other restaurants, Palo is just a nice special extra dining expereince without kids if you are looking for something like this. Palo has fantastic Italian food and wine pairings. Also try brunch at Palo if you can’t get in for dinner or if you want to try something new.

The Keg and Compass –  This is what I would say is your sports bar area on most other cruise lines.  Disney has deced this bar out with natical decor, and like any good pub it serves craft beers and bar food.  You can also sign up on the APP for beer tasting here.  


What’s there to do for Kids on the Disney Wish?

Disney is known for their story telling and they have taken this to their cruise line and to the Disney Wish.  The shows are the best I have seen on a cruise ship.  They often say they are Broadway calabour shows and I agree, the shows are fantastic.  The other thing that is nice about a Disney cruise is that it has a set number of guests.  If you are use to going to a Disney theme park you know how crowds can be.  Crowds are limited just from the amount of guests the Disney Wish can hold.  So character meet and greets in the main lobby are much more manageable and fun vs waiting for an hour at a Disney Theme Park.  


Disney Uncharted Adventure –  The other Disney Cruise Ships had a mid ship detective agency kind of treasure or scavenger hunt game of sorts.  It used talk pichures, props and all sorts of interactive elements.  The Disney Wish has taken that game to a new level.  There are several interactive adventures that will have you explore the entire ship as you hunt does clues from your favorite Disney Characters.  If you have played the Kim Possible game at Epcot, it’s sort of taking that to the next level.

The AquaMouse Coaster  – Disney took teh Aqua Duck from some of their earlier ships but added a new fun theme to it.  Now there is a story or adventure of sorts from Mickey Mouse as your raft goes up the ramp to a slide / water coaster that is over 700 feet long.  Even better ride the AquaMouse at night or on an a port day for shorter lines.

Pools and Splash play areas – The Disney Wish has a new deck layout and that allows for smaller but more pools and spalsh areas and slides. There are Ten Pools on teh Disney Wish or you can relax and just watch a movie on the giant screen on the main deck.  My kids also loved the Slide-a-Saurus Rex slide and the fun Toy Story themed water play areas.  There is no lack of water fun on the Disney Wish and getting your kids to leave and get ready for dinner is a real challenge.

New Hero Zone – This area is something new that the larger cruise lines like Royal Caribbean are doing.  The Hero Zone is located close to the Disney kids clubs and is an extra space used for soccer, basketball, and other sports, but they kids clubs also do fun events here.  There are game shows of sorts and all an Incredibles inflatable obsticale course challenge that is set up in this space at times too.


Disney Wish Cruise Adult Only spaces - Spa

The Senses Spa on the Disney Wish Cruise


The Senses Spa on teh Disney Wish is a full service Spa.  if you want a day of pampering and relaxation this is your spot.







Disney Wish Staterooms and Suites

Designed with families in mind, Disney Cruise Line staterooms aboard the Disney Wish are among the foremost in the industry. Each stateroom is equipped with innovations that ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation for Guests of all ages. From an imaginative inside retreat to an abundantly appointed suite, all of our world-class accommodations feature artwork and subtle decorative touches that celebrate iconic animated films and characters, letting you and your loved ones stay connected to the magic of Disney storytelling while traveling the high seas in high style.

I presonanly find myself in a Veranda stateroom on most Disney Cruises, but if you want to splurge the Conceirge level rooms and suites are amazing.  The Disney Wish staterooms are a split bathroom set up so there are basically two bathroom areas to get ready in.  Thier is also a shower / tub which is great for families.   Most rooms on the Disney Wosh have a veranda which is also very nice.


Disney Wish Cabins

How to Book a Disney Wish Cruise

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